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This is latest article about Marioo Nyimbo Mpya, Download Audio songs and enjoy listening in your Mp3 player. All Marioo songs are available in this collection.

In this post we have covered a large part of Marioo songs in a quick list that you can scan and find a song of your interest. 


We made a list to make it easy for you to find all Marioo songs in a single page that you can play and download audio for free.

About Marioo Songs, Music Career Life Style

Omary Ally Mwanga (born 31 December 1995), known professionally as Marioo, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, poet, and music producer.

He was born in Temeke, Dar es Salaam and later on he was moved to Kibiti District to live with his grandmother. Omary now lives in Dar es Salaam, Mikocheni where he writes, performs, and releases primarily bongo flava and kiswahili amapiano music. 

In 2022, Omary won 3 Tanzanian Music Awards from 7 nominations.[3] Rolling Stone magazine ranked Marioo 39 on its 40 afropop songs of 2022. 


HARMONIZE MPYA 2023 - Audio download Mp3 (Zote)

Zuchu New Song 2023 - Zuchu Mpya Mp3 Download

SINGELI MPYA 2023 - Audio Download Mp3 (ZOTE)

Omary Mwanga was born in Temeke Dar es salaam to Wandengereko parents from Pwani region of Tanzania. When he was a kid he was sent to live with his grandmother in kibiti, Pwani region where he studied Primary school and later on joined secondary school. 

When he was at form one in secondary school he dropped out of school and moved Temeke, Dar Es Salaam to live with his mother again. While in Dar Es Salaam Marioo started working at his uncle's garage as a motor vehicle mechanic.

It was during this time when he started writing songs for other musicians. In 2015, he recorded vocals of his first song, "Dar Kugumu".[1] In 2018 he mixed, made a video, and released "Dar Kugumu" in 2018. "Dar Kugumu" was put on rotation in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, beginning Omary's career as a musician.

Marioo Nyimbo Mpya Audio Download Mp3

Now we go to next step on how to download Marioo Nyimbo Mpya Audio for free. 

In this post we have collected nd provide a list of all Marioo new songs and old songs from From the Bottom upward. 

Also Download - ALIKIBA NYIMBO MPYA 2023 - Audio Download Mp3 (ZOTE)

Artist & Song NameDownload/Play

Download | | Play
Marioo ft Alikiba - I miss you Download | | Play
Marioo - MapenziDownload | | Play
Marioo ft Abbah - Lonely Download | | Play
Marioo ft Rayvanny - AnisameheDownload | | Play
Marioo ft Ladipoe - Overdose Download | | Play
Marioo ft Jux - Only you Download | | Play
Marioo – Mwagia Ndani Ft. Robot Boii, Native Deep X Tin StarkidDownload | | Play
Marioo – Mi Amor Remix Ft Gaz Mawere X JeebaDownload | | Play
Marioo ft Dunnie - LagalagaDownload | | Play


HARMONIZE MPYA 2023 - Audio download Mp3 (Zote)

Zuchu New Song 2023 - Zuchu Mpya Mp3 Download

SINGELI MPYA 2023 - Audio Download Mp3 (ZOTE)

Artist & Song NameDownload/Play
Marioo - SiweziDownload | | Play
Marioo - HapanaDownload | | Play
Marioo – Amawele Ft Tyla X Ch’ccoDownload | | Play
 Marioo – Djudju Ft Fik FameicaDownload | | Play
Marioo - My lifeDownload | | Play
Marioo - Sina bayaDownload | | Play
Marioo - Sisi ndio YangaDownload | | Play
Marioo - Dear ExDownload | | Play
Marioo ft Harmonize - NaogopaDownload | | Play
Marioo - Yanga tamuDownload | | Play

More Marioo songs mp3 Download 

Artist & Song NameDownload/Play
Marioo Ft Jovial – AmourDownload | | Play
Marioo – For You Download | | Play
Marioo – InatoshaDownload | | Play
Marioo – Mama Amina Ft Sho Madjozi & Bontle SmithDownload | | Play
Marioo – Bia Tamu Ft Abbah Process X Tyler ICU X ViscaDownload | | Play
Marioo – WOWDownload | | Play
Marioo – YaleDownload | | Play
Marioo – Ya uchunguDownload | | Play
Marioo – TIKISADownload | | Play
Marioo – UnanioneaDownload | | Play

Download More Singeli Kali

Artist & Song NameDownload/Play
Marioo – HadithiDownload | | Play
Marioo – Kazi IendeleeDownload | | Play
Marioo – Shilingi NgapiDownload | | Play
Marioo Ft Skales – Unanikosha RemixDownload | | Play
Marioo – AyaDownload | | Play
Marioo – UnanikoshaDownload | | Play
Marioo – KongoroDownload | | Play
Marioo – AnyinyaDownload | | Play
Marioo – RahaDownload | | Play
Marioo – AsanteDownload | | Play

Download More Singeli Kali

Artist & Song NameDownload/Play
Marioo – Dar KugumuDownload | | Play
Marioo – IfunanyaDownload | | Play
Marioo – ManyakuDownload | | Play
Marioo – KarmaDownload | | Play
Marioo – CCM RahaDownload | | Play
Wini Ft Marioo – AdoDownload | | Play
Nadia Mukami Ft Marioo – JipeDownload | | Play
Balaa MC Ft Marioo – Nakuja RemixDownload | | Play
Billnass Ft Marioo – Deka Download | | Play
Rj The Dj – Hapo Ft MariooDownload | | Play


Artist & Song NameDownload/Play
Shetta – Bozemba Ft MariooDownload | | Play
Darassa Ft Marioo – Chanda chemaDownload | | Play
Nandy – Kufuli Ft Marioo X Tboy DaflameDownload | | Play
Country Boy Ft Marioo – LeoDownload | | Play
Mimi Mars – Una Ft Marioo & Young LunyaDownload | | Play
Abbah – Chibonge Ft Marioo & G NakoDownload | | Play
Mabantu – Nakesha Ft MariooDownload | | Play
Dashie Ft Marioo – UnyenyeDownload | | Play
Kayumba Ft Marioo – Nimegonga RemixDownload | | Play
Darassa – Loyalty Ft Marioo & NandyDownload | | Play

In addition, Marioo started his music career as a songwriter to gain recognition given his difficult upbringing in his hometown, Marioo represents a true story of a boy who came from nothing to becoming a Tanzanian hitmaker.

He was discovered by hitmaker producer Abbah Process who put him in the studio where they created hits such as ”DAR KUGUMU” that smashed charts and racked up millions of views across youtube and set him up on his journey to becoming a rising star.

Marioo new songs 2023 MP3 DOWNLOAD

Marioo Ft Jovial – Amour (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo – For You (Prod. Abbah)

Marioo – Inatosha

Marioo – Mama Amina Ft Sho Madjozi & Bontle Smith

Marioo – Bia Tamu Ft Abbah Process X Tyler ICU X Visca

Marioo – WOW (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo – Yale (Prod. Black Boi Beatz)

Marioo – Ya uchungu

Marioo – TIKISA (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo – Unanionea (Prod. BONGA)

Marioo – Hadithi (Teaser)

Marioo – Kazi Iendelee (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo – Shilingi Ngapi (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo Ft Skales – Unanikosha Remix (Prod. Mocco)

Marioo – Aya (Prod. Mocco)

Marioo – Unanikosha (Prod. Mocco)

Marioo – Kongoro (Prod. Drama Boi)

Marioo – Anyinya (Prod. Blaq Beat)

Marioo – Raha (Prod. Black)

Marioo – Asante (Prod. Kimambo)

Marioo – Dar Kugumu

Marioo – Ifunanya (Prod. BlacqBoiBeatz)

Marioo – Manyaku (Prod. Blaq Beat)

Marioo – Karma

Marioo – CCM Raha

Marioo featured songs

Wini Ft Marioo – Ado (Prod. Aloneym)

Nadia Mukami Ft Marioo – Jipe

Balaa MC Ft Marioo – Nakuja Remix

Billnass Ft Marioo – Deka (Prod. S2kizzy)

Rj The Dj – Hapo Ft Marioo (Prod. Abbah)

Shetta – Bozemba Ft Marioo (Prod. Kimambo)

Darassa Ft Marioo – Chanda chema (Prod. Abbah)

Nandy – Kufuli Ft Marioo X Tboy Daflame

Country Boy Ft Marioo – Leo

Mimi Mars – Una Ft Marioo & Young Lunya

Abbah – Chibonge Ft Marioo & G Nako

Mabantu – Nakesha Ft Marioo (Prod. Gach B)

Dashie Ft Marioo – Unyenye (Prod. Monster Madness)

Kayumba Ft Marioo – Nimegonga Remix

Abbah – Wazungu Ft. Jaivah, Marioo, Bytar Beast & Yese Omar Rafiq

Abbah Ft Marioo – Nishazama

Abbah – My Gash Ft. Ruby & Marioo

Darassa – Loyalty Ft Marioo & Nandy

Blaq Jerzee – Sokoma Ft Marioo & Eddy Kenzo (Prod. Young Legendary)

Amber Lulu – Machozi Ft. Marioo (Prod. Abbah)

Mabantu – Show Show Ft Marioo (Prod. Gach B)

Marioo New Songs Audio Conclusion

We hope you have downloaded and played Marioo Nyimbo Mpya Audio for free and you enjoyed it. If you are facing a critical challenge regarding download Marioo songs feel free to write your challenge in a comment section below and we will help you so fast 

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